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Thursday, June 2, 2011

A DAY OF PRAYER on Saturday, July 9, 2011

Invitation to A DAY OF PRAYER, Saturday, 7.9.11
"Together in the Valley for Prayer & Revival" 8am-1pm @ Houses of Light with Pastor Netz Gomez
“Listening Prayer Walk in Hollywood” 2pm-4pm Standing in the Gap for the People of Hollywood
"Together in Hollywood for Prayer & Revival" 5pm-10pm @ Ecclesia with Sid Roth & Karen Covell

Dear Pastors, Ministry Leaders & Intercessors Throughout California:

Would you prayerfully consider gathering in Southern California on Saturday, 7/9 for A DAY OF PRAYER? In addition to your participation, I request your partnership in inviting the Body of Christ & assistance in leading prayer in the street of Hollywood. Here is the backdrop of our opportunity together in seeking Heaven on Earth on 7/9...

On December 28, 2010, I invited several Los Angeles Area pastors & ministry leader for a heart-to-heart connection & prayer meeting in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. We met at Reformation House of Prayer (, led by Pastor Jonathan Ngai, and is located about a block from the famed Azusa Street. We sensed a mighty presence of the Lord as we gathered in the spirit of John 17:20-23 asking Him to once again move in the City of Angels as He did during Azusa Street Revival & the years of the Jesus Movement.

A month after the Little Tokyo gathering, I attended National Prayer Committee Annual Conference ( which was held in Hollywood this year. Karen Covell, Hollywood Prayer Network (, coordinated a historic gathering of several national/state prayer leaders and the Spirit spoke to us concerning the Father's heart for the people of Hollywood, including the many influential Jews who are responsible for 80% of the decisions made by America's entertainment industry. One of the highlights of this gathering was our participation in prayer walks through strategic sites in Hollywood and listening to God’s heart for the people who live/work there.

Since then, I was involved in coordinating 3/10 & 5/11 national conference calls bringing Jewish & Gentile believers together to walk in John 17:20-23 & as ONE NEW MAN. The details of these two prayer calls are posted on I also became acquainted with Pastor Netz Gomez, Senior Pastor of Houses of Light Church, Northridge and Director of Aviva Movement ( Through Pastor Netz, I have come to learn that God has been answering our prayers for the Latino community. Hispanics are not only leading our nation on population growth, but more importantly, in their commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. Out of 200,000 American congregations today, 36,000 are gathering millions of Hispanic brothers & sisters (!

I have a clear sense that we are being called to honor the work of the Holy Spirit among the Hispanics as well as be about the Father's business in Hollywood and the entertainment industry. This is what is being planned for Saturday, 7/9:

We will begin 7/9 with "Together in the Valley for Prayer & Revival" (8am-1pm) at Houses of Light Church, 19408 Londelius St, Northridge, CA 91324. Together we will worship, pray, hear from various leaders and affirm/confirm God's plans for LA, CA & our nation in/through our Hispanic brothers & sisters. Pastor Netz Gomez & I extend our warm invitation to you and ask for your partnership & blessing the Spirit's mighty work. From the Valley we will also commission hundreds of AWAKENED brothers & sisters of ALL cultures & streams to RECLAIM Hollywood unto our Lord. Would you come with ready to commission & anoint God's work among our Hispanic brothers & sisters?

We will do so through “Listening Prayer Walk in Hollywood” (2pm-4pm) by sending dozens of teams to many strategic sites & neighborhoods of arguably the most influential place on the planet. Together we will tune into our Father's heart for His beloved people of Hollywood, both Jews & Gentiles. We will then respond to His voice and ask for His mercy, grace & blessings. We will confidently approach the Throne of Grace, and as we stand in the gap for Hollywood with prayer & willingness to love/serve those who live/work in Hollywood, the Spirit will fall upon not only there, but through this great city of mass communication/media, millions around the world would come to know our Savior & Lord. Would you consider participating in the prayer walk & invite others to join you?

We will regroup in the evening for "Together in Hollywood for Prayer & Revival" (5pm-10pm) at Ecclesia Church (, Hollywood Pacific Theatre, 6433 Hollywood Bl, Hollywood, CA 90028 for worship, testimonies of several "prayer walkers," continual intercession for Hollywood, and to hear inspirational messages from special guest Sid Roth (, Karen Covell & other leaders of Jewish & Gentile backgrounds for John 17:20-23 & ONE NEW MAN declaration for Hollywood & beyond. Would you set aside your evening to hear God’s destiny concerning the entertainment capitol of the world?

7/9 gatherings will take place in approximately 5 weeks, and I am asking you & your congregation/ministry to be well represented. I also need your prayers, partnership and assistance in getting the word out to CA pastors, ministry leaders & intercessors regarding A DAY OF PRAYER in the Valley & Hollywood.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter & I look forward to hearing from you!

Together in Christ,
Dai Sup Han
Prayer Surge NOW!
Californians for JESUS

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