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Monday, December 2, 2013

"The Jesus Movement" Revisited & Going Forward 12/5 Nat'l Conf Call

Inviting the Body of Christ to...
"The Jesus Movement" Revisited AND Going Forward 12/5
Nat'l Conference Call Prayer for the Next Awakening
Special Guest Speaker Kent Philpott, Author of 
Awakening in America and The Jesus People Movement
With Mike Starr, ReviveRichmondCA
and Scott McCarrel, 10/26 East Bay Event
Thursday Morning, December 5, 8:00-9:00AM PST
Connect using 712-432-0075, access code 6149782#

You are invited to a very special hour of inspiration and intercession as we unpack the lessons learned from "The Jesus Movement" of 1960s and 1970s.  Kent Philpott, one of the servant leaders of The Jesus Movement & author of the book Awakening in America and the Jesus People Movement will share his fond memories as well as key lessons we can apply towards the coming transforming revival of our cities.  Mike Starr, Catalyst for Revive Richmond, CA will join us to share an amazing praise report from San Francisco Bay Area.  Scott McCarrel, Facilitator of a key "The Jesus People Movement" event last October and I will serve as facilitators.  

Please connect using 712-432-0075 and  access code 6149782#. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

This Thursday Conference Call for Transformation of California

Californians for JESUS State-wide Conference Call
This Thursday, November 7, 8-9AM Pacific

Connecting Southern, Central & Northern California in
Prayer, Unity, Evangelism, Transformation with reports
from Servant Leaders throughout Jesus' Golden State
712-432-0075 & access code 6149782#

Dear Body of Christ:

You are invited to our monthly conference call this Thursday morning, November 7, 8-9AM Pacific, towards TRANSFORMATION of JESUS' Golden State with invited guest Willy Tjen (Transform Los Angeles), Netz Gomez (24/7 Prayer, Los Angeles), Doris Force (National Day of Prayer), Mike Starr (Revival Richmond), Bill Lander (Men for Nations West), KC Dickie (Men's Prayer, Fresno), Nga Dang (ASK Network, California) & Maryal Boumann (Pray California)   Please read the details below, invite others & connect using 712-432-0075 & code 6149782#.

Thank you,
Dai Sup

You are Cordially Invited to Monthly 1st Thursday
Californians for JESUS 11/7
Monthly State-Wide Conference Call
with Servant Leaders Engaged in Authentic
Transformation in Jesus' Golden State
Tomorrow Morning
November 7, 8am-9am Pacific
Connect using 712-432-0075 and code 6149782#

Invited Servant Leaders in alphabetical order:
Maryal Boumann, Pollock Pines
Director, Pray California
Nga Dang, Torrance
Coordinator, ASK Network California
KC Dickie, Fresno
Coordinator, Fresno Area Men's Prayer Movement
Doris Force, Fresno
Western States National Area Leader
National Day of Prayer

Netz Gomez, Northridge
Los Angeles Area 24/7 Prayer Movement
Senior Pastor, Houses of Light Church

Bill Landers, Torrance
Coordinator, South Bay LA Men's Prayer Movement

Mike Starr, Richmond
Catalyst, Revive Richmond, November 11-15

Willy Tjen, Los Angeles
Facilitator, Transform Los Angeles

Californians for JESUS Facilitator:
Dai Sup Han, Chico

Thursday, October 24, 2013

This Saturday, Nat'l Conf Call Prayer Summit with A Company of TX & CA Servant Leaders

Next Californians for JESUS Monthly Conference Call
is scheduled for Thursday, November 7, 8-9AM Pacific
You are invited to a National Conference Call Prayer Summit
TX+CA for Jesus 10.26.13
This Saturday Morning, October 26, 7-9AM Pacific
Connect using 712-432-0075 and code 6149782#

Dear Praying Brothers & Sisters: 
We invite you to join us for a special conference call connecting various ministries based in Texas & California (see the list below) this Saturday morning, October 26, 9-11AM Central/7-9AM Pacific.  We believe that our Father has a great common destiny for our two states and He desires to use His children in TX & CA as catalysts in the coming national/global revival & transformation.  You, as intercessors across our nation, are encouraged to join us, listen in, and bless this conference call with unified hearts in prayer of agreement.  Thank you!

The purpose of TX+CA for Jesus 10.26.13 is to exalt our Lord by:

  • Giving thanksgiving for & sharing testimonies of God's transforming work in our cities/regions.
  • Blessing one another in relationship, words of encouragement prayer & shared visions.
  • Praying towards revival in the Church & transformation of the spheres of influence in Texas, California & our nation. 
We will soon post additional details of TX+CA for Jesus 10.26.13 including conference call schedule & update the list of CA & TX servant leaders who will lead us in prayer throughout our gathering.  You as fellow intercessors are welcome to pray for/with us for Christ's glory to fill our states & nation for such a time as this.

Our conference call number & access code are: 712-432-0075 & 6149782#.  Please return to for more information.  Mean while, feel free to contact us at

Together in Christ,
Ann Quest, Founder/Director, Unity Quest
Allan Parker, Founder/President, The Justice Foundation
Maryal Boumann, Director, Pray California
Dai Sup Han, Facilitator, Prayer Surge NOW! & CA4Jesus

A Company of Servant Leaders Together for
+CA for Jesus 10.26.13
In alphabetical order as of 10/21 
Carla Alvarez, Houston, TX
The Crossover Project,
David Andrade, Los Angeles, CA
Global Facilitator, Cry4Life,
CA Listening Team
Maryal Boumann, Pollock Pines, CA
Director, Pray California,
CA Coordinator, Shofar Call Int'l,
Trayce Bradford, Grapevine, TX
 President, Dallas Eagle Forum,
Women's Reformation Prayer Leader, Grapevine
Rickie Bradshaw, Houston, TX
Pastor/Church Consultant,
Jesse Burnett ll, Hoopa, CA
Pastor, Native American House of Prayer
 Shirley Clark, Plano, TX
Founder, Shirley Clark Ministries,
North TX Regional Coordinator, National Day of Prayer
Brian Considine, McKinney, TX 

State Facilitator, Mission America Coalition,
Ethnic Embrace USA,
Mary Cook, Austin, TX
State Coordinator, Governor's Prayer Team,
Nga Dang, Torrance, CA
CA Coordinator, ASK Network,
Tracy Eckert, Dallas, TX
Director, Dallas House of Prayer,
Joel Enge, Tyler, TX
Founder/Instructor, Men of Issachar Life Academy
Doris Force, Fresno, CA
Western States National Area Leader, National Day of Prayer
Elizabeth Fulgaro, Placerville, CA
Founder, Eagles Nest Foundation
Mark Gonzales, Lancaster, TX 
Director, Standing for Truth,
Keith Green, Carrollton, TX
Founder, 7 Mountains Network,
Dai Sup Han, Chico, CA
Facilitator, Prayer Surge NOW!, 
Facilitator, Californians for JESUS,
Natalie Hardy, San Antonio, TX
Director, City Reachers,
Olga Hermann, Sacramento, CA
JC Resource Center,
Mark and Margaret Huey, Dallas, TX
Outreach Israel Ministries,
Susan Landry, San Jose, CA
San Francisco Bay Area Regional Coordinator, National Day of Prayer
William Lumry, Corpus Cristi, TX
Founder, Shammah Ministries International
South TX Regional Coordinator, National Day of Prayer
Candi MacAlpine, Oakhurst, CA
Founder/Senior Leader, Destiny Training Center
Kay McCrary
, Dallas, TX
Prayer Chair, Council of LIFE,
Loren and Tonya McKim, Austin, TX
Founders, Capitol Point Prayer,
Carl Mosebach, Novato, CA
Northern California Area Director, Christian Educators Association Int'l,
Vicki Nohrden, Monterey, CA
Founder/Director, Wind and Fire Ministries,
Western States Regional Director, USRPN, 
Allan Parker, San Antonio, TX 
Founder/President, The Justice Foundation,
Director, Operation Outcry,
Ann Quest, Dallas, TX 
Founder, Unity Quest
Board Member,
Fred and Sue Rowe, Bakersfield, CA

Founders, The Living Wall Network,
  Facilitators, Transform World Celebration Challenge,
Tom Senter, Sacramento, CA
President, Capitol Fellowship Foundation
Capitol Event Coordinator, National Day of Prayer
Carolyn Suty, San Jose, CA
CA/Southwest Regional USA Director, Aglow International,
Willy Tjen
, Los Angeles, CA
Facilitator, Transform Los Angeles,
Rajean Vawter, Canton, TX
Director, Vawtermark Ministries,
CHPP Regional Coordinator
Joe Walsh, Sacramento, CA
Retired Military Chaplain
Former Western States NAL and CA Coordinator, National Day of Prayer
Steve Wearp, Ben Wheeler, TX
National Coordinator, March of Remembrance,
Jim Wilson, Redding, CA
CA Coordinator, Governor's Prayer Team,
Robert Wolff, Los Angeles, CA
Executive Editor, Awakening the One New Man,

Monday, September 30, 2013

CA4Jesus Month Conf Call with Tim Svoboda (YWAM SF), Karen Covell (Hollywood PN), Kaitlan Hammock (10 DAYS SD)

State-wide Conference Call
This Thur, 10/3, 8-9AM Pacific

Connecting Southern & Northern California in P.U.R.E.:
Prayer, Unity, Revival, Evangelism for Transformation 
in Jesus' Golden State with reports from
Hollywood, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chico
712-432-0075 & access code 6149782#
You are Cordially Invited to 1st Thursday
Californians for JESUS 10/3
Monthly State-Wide Conf Call
with Servant Leaders Engaged in Authentic
Transformation in Jesus' Golden State
This Thursday Morning
October 3, 8am-9am Pacific
Connect using 712-432-0075 and code 6149782#

Confirmed Speakers and Topics:
Karen Covell, Hollywood
A Week of Prayer in Hollywood/Los Angeles
Founder/Director, Hollywood Prayer Network
Kaitlan Hammock, San Diego
10 DAYS of Prayer in Greater San Diego
Coordinator, 10 Days San Diego
Tim Svoboda, San Francisco
The Father Heart of God for San Francisco
Director, Youth With A Mission San Francisco
Dai Sup Han, Chico
The 10 Days of Awe, from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur
City Coordinator, 10 DAYS Chico, Sept. 4-14

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

1st Thursday CA4Jesus Conference Call, 9/5, 8AM

Dear Brothers & Sisters:
Would you join us for an hour of inspiration towards transformation in Jesus Golden State?  We meet every first Thursday, 8-9AM, and the our next conference call is coming up this Thursday, September 5.  Please connect using 712-432-0075 & code 6149782#.  Details are posted below and on
Together in Christ,
You are Cordially Invited to 1st Thursday
Californians for JESUS 9/5
Monthly State-Wide Conference Call
with Servant Leaders Engaged in Authentic
Transformation in Jesus' Golden State
This Thursday Morning
September 5, 8am-9am Pacific
Connect using 712-432-0075 and code 6149782#

Confirmed Speakers and Topics:
Willy Tjen
"Destiny of the City of Angels"
Facilitator, Transform Los Angeles
Michael Griffiths
"Praising God for 40 Days of Hope"
Coordinator, 40 Days of Hope, El Cajon

Thomas Bush
"Uniting the Church with Jesus at the Center"
Team Member, 10 DAYS San Diego, Sept. 4-14

Friday, August 9, 2013

See You in Sacramento in 2 Weeks & Key Nat'l Conf Calls 8/10, 8/15, 8/29

Invitation to Sacramento
Pray California Annual Conference
Friday, Aug. 23, 6PM ~ Saturday, Aug. 24, 5:30PM
For details, please click HERE today!

You are also invited to the following key nat'l conf calls using
712-432-0075 & access code 6149782#...
Prayer Surge NOW! 8/10
Tomorrow morning, Saturday, 6-8AM Pacific
with John Robb, Director, International Prayer Council
and Jonathan Friz, Visionary, 10 Days Prayer, Sept. 4-14
Details of entire 4:30-8AM prayer call is available at

Special Thursday Evening National Conference Calls 8/15 & 8/29: 
Aug. 15, 5-6:30PM PDT, for 10 DAYS of Prayer, Worship, Fasting, Sept 4-14
& 10 DAYS ISRAEL PRAYER GUIDE, Sept 5-14, Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur 
Aug. 29, 5-6:30PM PDT, Jews AND Gentiles Together for Salvation of Israel
with Invited Guests Sid Roth (confirmed) & Rabbi Jonathan Bernis 
Conference Call Number & Access Code: 712-432-0075 & 6149782# 
Details soon to be posted on
Next Monthly 1st Thursday Californians for JESUS Conf Call
 Rosh Hashanah, September 5, 8-9AM Pacific
Details to be posted on

Monday, July 29, 2013

This Thur 8AM - CA4Jesus 8/1 Conf Call - Together Transforming Jesus' Golden State

Dear Brothers & Sisters:

You are invited to Monthly Californians for JESUS (CA4Jesus) Conference Call, this Thursday, 8/1, 8am-9am Pacific, using 712-432-0075 & code 6149782#.  Every first Thursday of the month, we are devoting an hour for the purpose of inspiring the Body of Christ towards authentic transformation in our cities/regions and throughout Jesus' Golden State.  Confirmed guest speakers for CA4Jesus 8/1 are Jim Wilson, Leroy Lebeck, Sue Rowe and Willy Tjen.  Maryal Boumann and I will serve as facilitators.  Please read details below or refer to  Thank you & hope to "see" you on the call!

Together in Christ,
Dai Sup

You are Cordially Invited to 1st Thursday
Californians for JESUS 8/1
Monthly State-Wide Conference Call
with Servant Leaders Engaged in Authentic
Transformation in Jesus' Golden State
This Thursday Morning, August 1, 8am-9am Pacific

Connect using 712-432-0075 and code 6149782#

Confirmed Guest Speakers and Topics:

Rev. James Wilson
"Praying 1 Timothy 2:1-6 in Sacramento"
Founder/Director/Author, Pray North State
State Prayer Leader, California Governor's Prayer Team
Co-Director, National Day of Repentance
Pastor Leroy Lebeck
"Destiny of Sacramento"
Pastor/Revivalist/Intercessor, Sacramento Area
Dr. Susan Rowe
"The Role of California in the Global Prayer Movement"
Founder/Director/Author, The Living Wall
International Facilitator, Transform World Celebration Challange
Willy Tjen
"California Blessings the Nations"
Facilitator, Transform Los Angeles

CA4Jesus 8/1 Facilitators:

Maryal Boumann
Director, Pray California
Facilitator, Weekly Wed. Noon Prayer Call
Dai Sup Han
Facilitator, Californians for Jesus & Prayer Surge NOW!
Visionary, The Father Heart of God for the Millennials
Serving with Youth With A Mission

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Aug 23-24, Pray California Annual Conference, Sacramento

 Convening Pastors, Ministry Leaders, Intercessors
Friday, 8/23, 6PM - Saturday, 8/24, 6PM
Oasis Christian Mission Center, Sacramento
$30 registration cost (includes Saturday lunch)
For complete details, read below or visit HERE

Inline image 1

Monday, July 8, 2013

This Saturday Morning in Anaheim - Let Us be One VOICE for the VOICELESS! - Connections/Prayer for North Korea & Trafficking Issues

You are also invited to the evening event of releasing the Father's blessing 
to the young generation - Gen Y - in Northridge, 7/13, 7-9pm - Click here
Please read the following 7/13, 10-Noon, Connections/Prayer Event in Anaheim 
critical issues of NORTH KOREA and the Global spread of HUMAN TRAFFICKING
Please click below

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

The enemy of our souls continues to kill, to steal and to destroy in our cities and nations of the world, especially in North Korea, through enslaving people who are made in Father's image.  Nevertheless,  John 10:10 also speaks of Jesus who has already come to give us His "abundant life" so that we may share with it one another and set free those who are trapped in "modern day slavery".  Would you join us for the following special event in Anaheim and answer the call of our Father in being ONE VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS?

Inviting the Body of Christ
Saturday, 7.13.13, 10AM-Noon
With Servant Leaders Engaged in Transformation of
Human Rights Challenge

Responding to
The Persecution in North Korea
Human Trafficking, SoCal and Beyond
Evangelia University, Suite 230  
2660 W. Woodland Drive, Anaheim, CA 92801
Doors Open 9:30AM. This event is free. Register HERE

Confirmed Servant Leaders
(In alphabetical order as of 7/1)
Young-il Chae
English Ministries Pastor, The Vine Ministries
Bridge Church of Irvine 
David Chun
Senior Pastor, City Harvest Church, Los Angeles
Int'l Korean Coordinator, Global Line in the Sand and Cry4Life   
Nga Dang
California Coordinator, ASK Network
Dai Sup Han
Facilitator, Californians for JESUS, Serving with YWAM Chico, 
 Guido Hajenious
Southern California Coordinator, iEmpathize
Joseph Lee
E.D. Strategy Coordinator, Cornerstone Ministries International
Tony Nassif
President, Preventing Abuse Foundation 
Mike and Lynn Slavin
Missionaries, Returning from Israel 
FaithWorks Inc.
Willy Tjen
Facilitator, Transform Los Angeles 
Patti Townley-Covert
Director of Communications, Transform Los Angeles
Host Ministries

Cornerstone Ministries International AND Californians for JESUS

Optional Lunch fellowship, 12:30-1:30PM,  at a local restaurant (Location TBA)

Joseph Lee,
Dai Sup Han,

You are welcome to share this invitation with the Body of Christ and bring your ministry brochure, fliers, books to share.  Please join us this Saturday morning for worship, connections, and united prayer prayer for the millions who are suffering in North Korea and modern day slavery of human trafficking.  Thank you!

Together in Christ,
Dai Sup