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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

4.9.08 Conf Call Info & 1.30.08/11.13.07 Details

Attention Pastors, Ministry Leaders & Intercessors:

Today's posting includes:
1. Invitation to 4.9.08 CA4Jesus Conference Call & Prayer Meeting
2. Summary Report from 1.30.08 Meeting with Contact Info
3. List of Presenters from 11.13.07 Meeting with Contact Info

1. Invitation to 4.9.08 CA4Jesus Conference Call & Prayer Meeting

To ALL Those Seeking Authentic Biblical Revival in California & Beyond

Californians for Jesus
Conference Call & Prayer Meeting
Wednesday Morning
6:00-7:30AM Pacific
(5:30-6:00AM Pre-meeting Prayer)

Several ministry leaders throughout our state
will testify regarding the move of
in various communities, cities and regions including

Joe Walsh, CA State Coordinator for National Day of Prayer
Stephanie Steel, CA State Coordinator for Governor’s Prayer Team
Gabrielle Jackson, Youth Intercessor

Los Angeles
Pastor Fred Berry, Azusa Street Mission
Pastor Tatsuo Akamine, Global Revival Mission

Pastor Raul Trujillo, Comunidad Cristiana Nueva Vida

Tommy Dyo, National Director of Epic Movement

Rancho Cucamonga
Jake Hamilton, Lead Catalyst of Refuge House of Prayer

Lake Elsinore
Susan Rebar, Director of Welcome Home Troops

Special Guest Speakers
John & Debbie Phillips
"The Story of Rachel Scott"
Their Niece Who was Martyred at Columbine H.S. in 1999

Please gather with others in your area
and join us for this important conf. call & prayer meeting.
Contact for
the conference call number & access code

2. Summary Report from 1.30.08 Meeting with Contact Info.
(Following summary has been provided by Karen Bodle)

Opening Prayer: “Unity within the Church”
Wolfgang Kovacek, A Board Member of Pray California

Presentations: “Unity in California and beyond”
Joe Walsh, CA National Day of Prayer Coordinator & Capital Fellowship Foundation Director
Matthew 11:28-29 Jesus wants us to come to him, love him, and he will give us whatever we need. He will show us what to say yes to and what to say no to. Take his yoke which is easy and learn from him. Then we will find out what God wants us to have. We will do better together with what he wants us to do because we have spent time with him.
Stephanie Steele, CA Governor's Prayer Team Coordinator
Love the Lord your God and love your neighbor. Psalm 133, unity is where the anointing and blessing flow. John 17:21, burden for the lost. 1 Timothy 2:1-2, pray for those in authority. All ministries are vital ports for the kingdom and not clones of each other. Prayer call brings unity. Put feet to our prayers.

Prayer: “A Call to Intimacy & Repentance from Division”
Ted Rose, President of Pray America

Presentation: “Rural Ministries”
Pastor Frank Garcia, Chaplain to Migrant Farm Workers
Migrant farm workers are running to Christ because of His love! Matthew 28:19, make disciples of all nations. Prayer for his wife, Martha Garcia, for healing from breast cancer.

Presentation: “Urban Ministries”
Tim Svoboda, Youth With a Mission (YWAM) San Francisco
San Francisco has never seen revival, yet it is known as a place for birthing movements.
Praying for a revival movement. Large ethnic unreached people groups in the San Francisco Bay area. We need to reach both the powerless and the powerful.

Presentation: “Global Prayer & Local Good Works”
Pastor Wiley Drake, 1st Southern Baptist Church, Buena Park
Monday – Saturday, 5:00-7:00AM Pacific daily international conference call prayer.
Monday – Thursday, 9AM Pacific radio program. Caring for the homeless in his church building.

Prayer: “Prayer of Healing”
Pastor Tatsuo Akamine, Global Revival Mission
Prayer for Rod McDougal who has cancer of the esophagus.

Presentation: “Jesus in the Public High Schools”
Pastor Eddie Vargas, Praise Chapel & Campus Outreach and New Life Clubs
Seeing the increases of both good and bad on high school campuses. Teen pregnancies, and drug usage on the rise, immorality promoted and paraded. But at the same time, many students are coming together at lunch time to pray and worship.

Prayer: “Radical Jesus Revolutionaries & Revival in High Schools”
Ryan Riggs, YWAM Intercessor

Presentation: “Revival Fire!”
Dawn Beard, National Director of Jesus Revolution Now! (JRev)
The merging generations in the strategic state of California.

Presentation: “Inspired by Azusa Street Revival”
Pastor Jonathan Ngai, Transformation Community Church & Director of Strike LA/Reformation House of Prayer (RHOP)
Psalm 149, high praises. Led to worship in 6 key high places. Seeing young people praying in the House of Prayer.

Prayer: “For Revival & Unity Among the Generations”
Fred Berry, President of Azusa Street Mission

Presentation: “Prayer & Transformation”
Joyce Smith, Prayer Force Leader
Testimonies of corporate prayer/fasting and personal repentance in Riverside. This county was spared from the southern California fires and actually acted as a city of refuge. She believes it is because of the prayer, fasting, and repentance. Return to the art of honor. Honor each other and each generation. Give assistance to the next generation. Jeremiah 33:3, new strategies, believe for transformation.

Presentation: “The Culture of Life”
Pastor Al Howard, Pastor and Director of His Nesting Place
God's heart is broken over abortion. He began without knowing exactly what to do, standing at the gates of hell at the abortion clinic. Takes in pregnant women and has helped over 6,000 to date. Daily time with God is the most important thing.

Special Guest Speakers
Allan Parker, President, The Justice Foundation &
Operation Outcry is a project of The Justice Foundation to reverse Roe v. Wade by mobilizing the testimony of women hurt by abortion. The Supreme Court decision to uphold the ban of partial-birth abortion listened to the testimonies of the women, specifically citing severe depression and loss of self-esteem. We need your help to collect 1,000,000 declarations to show the Supreme Court the size of the problem. A declaration is a confidential legal document that can be completed online or downloaded. Every testimony matters. Kelly Hill is the Operation Outcry contact for California,
Karen Bodle, Operation Outcry Prayer Leader
James 1:27, helping widows and orphans in their distress. When a pregnant woman is abandoned by the father of her baby, she is like a widow and her unborn baby is an orphan. Each of us needs to be the answer to ending abortion by helping these pregnant women. Prayer for healing of women and men impacted by abortion and doors of churches to open to women's testimonies.

Closing prayer: “Birth Revival in Us”
Jake Hamilton, Lead Catalyst of Refuge Prayer House
Prayer for the family of Ray Brigham, an international revivalist who passed away last Saturday (1/26/08). Kansas City IHOP team at Refuge HOP to train intercessors.

CA4Jesus Facilitator Dai Sup Han

3. List of Presenters from 11.13.07 Meeting with Contact Info.

Dick Simmons, Men for Nations, Washington, DC

Special Guest
California State Assemblyman

Priscilla Friemering, Praying for the City

Rory Rottschalk, Market Place Ministry

Lake Elsinore
Susan Rebar, Welcome Home Troops

Long Beach
Doug Davis, CSU Long Beach Solemn Assembly

Los Angeles
Tatsuo Akamine, Global Revival Mission

Jason Hague, Youth With A Mission (YWAM)

Stephanie Steele, CA Governor’s Prayer Team
Joe Walsh, National Day of Prayer & Capital Fellowship Foundation

San Diego
Anne Subia, Women's Resource Committee

Evan Chase, Kingdom Causes

Dai Sup Han, Prayer Surge Now

Monday, March 10, 2008

4.9.08 Conf. Call for Revival in CA & Beyond


You are invited to

Californians for Jesus

(CA4 Jesus)

Conference Call Meeting

Wednesday Morning 4.9.08 6am-7:30am PST

Pre-conference call prayer meeting begins at 5:30AM

Several pastors, ministry leaders & intercessors throughout


will testify regarding the move of


in various communities, cities and regions

Please gather others in your area and join us!

For conference call & access code, contact

Please use *6 to mute when listening

Let us come together

and be encouraged by the goodness of the Lord in HIS GOLDEN STATE !

Let us gather

in Jesus name to bless Him, as ONE BODY,

for the purpose of loving one another

and working together to bless ALL Californians.

John 17:20-26; Hebrews 10:24

Let us be reminded of

John 15:7 & James 5:16b

" If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you,

you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you."

"The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much."


For additional details, please contact