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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sept & Oct: Major California Prayer Events (thank you, Falany's & Vicki Nohrden), from Boston to Chico & AWAKENING the One New Man

Dear Brothers & Sisters:

My friends Pastor Henry & Grace Falany just sent this important email below listing key California events scheduled for the next 2 months.  Would you visit each link and consider praying, promoting & participating in what our Father is doing?  A BIG appreciation to the Falanys for honoring/blessing what our brothers/sisters are bringing throughout Jesus' Golden State. 

In addition...

Our sister Vicki Nohrden invites you to EKKLESIA12 Conference in San Jose, September 13-15 For details & registration, please visit

Here in Chico, we are joining Boston for the 10 DAYS of worship/prayer/fasting from September 16 thru September 25 - from Rosh Hashanah (the Day of Trumpets) until Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement).  Please visit & and pray for/with us for a mighty move of the Holy Spirit from New England to California.

Also, for those of you with passion for the ONE NEW Man, you are welcome to Sept. 13 "Jews & Gentiles TOGETHER" nat'l conf call with Dr. Michael Brown & a company of servant leaders across America.  I will have the great honor of co-hosting this timely prayer call with our Jewish brothers Matthew Smoler ( & Rabbi Robert Wolff ( Details of this evening of inspiration and intercession are posted on

Together in Yeshua,
Dai Sup Han


There are siginficant prayer events happening in California this fall.

Grace & I support these endeavors and encourage the body to join in as much as they can. 

Remember ...
... we are fighting for the souls of California and America!!

Sept. 1, 2012 ~ Santa Maria, Ca.
Churches on the central coast gathering
"The Sound of Heaven!"

Sept. 1, 2012 ~ Pasadena, Ca.
Lou Engle & Pastor Netz Gomez gathering the saints in Pasadena "TheCall Aviva"

September 21 & 22 ~ Fresno, Ca.
Maryal Boumann and Pray California and leaders from around the state
"Annual Statewide Conference"

 October 4 - 6 ~ Mariposa, Ca. ( Falany's Residence)
Drs. Fred & Sue Rowe and intercessors form around the state gather
"Annual Fall Feast of Tabernacles"

October 27 ~ Los Angeles, Ca. ( The Faith Dome)
David Andrade and The California Listening Team gather the saints
"A Line in the Sand"

It is also encouraging to know that there are "many" (Hundreds) smaller but fiery intercession groups up and down this state that are praying on a continual basis!!!

 !!! 2nd Chron. 7:14 & 15 !!!

 Shout amen somebody!!
 Henry & Grace Falany